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Best nda coaching in dehradun

Besides good preparation, many students disqualified in NDA Written Exam. We have highlighted the reason every student must follow before going for exam.

• Regular 2-3 hours of intensive study of all topics. Break the course in sub parts, could be 4-5 chapters in one part, and complete those as per your energy level and comfort.
• Solving previous year question make your speed to solve the exam, and do this as much as possible.
• Reading news papers, monthly magazines regularly prior to date of exam, will be an added advantage.
• Time management makes it easy to qualify in the exam; you have to match your speed with respective amount of time.
• Guess work won’t work here; stop using this technique while practicing sample papers of previous year’s paper. Reason being negative marking is implied here, and you cannot take this risk.
• Push your mentors to provide shortcuts in mathematical questions, to avoid lengthy calculations. Learn tricks to solve questions as much as possible.
• Watching informative programs on internet, TV will be helpful, reading newspaper, magazines; journal will help in getting more correct answers and saves time.
• Group study is also very important, discussing problem and solving them in a group makes your speed and knowledge sharing and grasping the concepts will be done quickly.
In Addition Advance Defence Academy the best NDA Coaching institute in Dehradun will assist you in all the trouble you are facing.